5 user48009333

Can I give Gabrielle six stars? She was extremely helpful in my move earlier this year from New York to San Francisco. I had to make the most efficient use of my time and limited opportunities to select among properties three thousand miles away. With Gabrielle’s diligent efforts, I was able to make sure that my time, and hers, was not wasted. I now am a proud resident of a truly wonderful condo in SOMA, the right property for me, in the best location in town, at a price that was just right for my budget. Very highly recommended!

5 zuser20131009190947135

Gabrielle helped me find a wonderful condo in the Dogpatch. It was 15% below market value at the time of purchase, and has nearly doubled in value over two years. She was persistent, competent, and knew her local markets. Highly recommended.

5 tcjlh1

Gabrielle has a comprehensive knowledge of Bay Area real estate, is proactive and conscientious, and exceeds all expectations to ensure that her clients’ best interests are served. Highly recommended.

5 ctylerarch

I worked with Gabrielle to sell my property and am working with her to buy another property. I cannot imagine using another agent after working with Gabrielle. She is simply one of the best at what she does.

5 mpeter47

Gabrielle Dahms, made my search for the perfect condo a seamless process. Every part fell into place, from a great mortgage agent, home inspector and appraiser. Very professional, with a network of excellent contacts. As a client, it was nice how everybody got back to me, your always involved in the process. Also intuitive, after our initial meeting Gabrielle knew what I was looking for, and what neighborhoods I was interested in living. She would make an effort to send emails with suggested places in addition to the regular MLS listings. I`m so happy, I now have a beautiful condo in Diamond Heights. Rapport is everything and Gabrielle is the best, five stars. Michael

5 wakwts2

Gabrielle assisted us in our search for a property in San Francisco while we were living on the east coast, which you can imagine as no small feat. Her knowledge, as well as to going the extra mile brought about a very successful transaction. We are very pleased with the result and would highly recommend her to those who are looking to buy or sell.

5 randall e fitz

When I referred a client with a property Gabrielle quickly surmised what it needed to bring top dollar and got the listing up and sold! She manages hurtles with ease and attends to every detail like it’s second nature!

5 user60060062

Gabrielle did a great job finding us an affordable 2-bedroom unit in San Francisco. She helped us through the sometimes difficult and drawn-out process of purchasing and financing a TIC. Communication with the owners was oftentimes not easy due to language and other barriers but Gabrielle hung in there, eventually making it all possible. We heartily recommend her to anyone shopping for a place in the unique real estate market that is San Francisco, or anywhere else for that matte

5 GROBI38563

It has been 5 long months of searching between the north and east bay, and I couldn’t have asked for a more proficient and patient realtor!

Once my offer was accepted on a property of great interest; I came face to face with many unforeseen nuisances that would challenge even the most tolerant person. Nonetheless, Gabrielle was there at every turn assisting me through yet another 3 months rifed with legal matters, that the seller was trying earnestly to overcome. At last the home is clear and I’m the new owner. 8 months total ……..Needless to say Gabrielle went the extra mile !


5 user9043502

My husband and I will forever be grateful to Gabrielle for her tireless efforts in helping us in our property hunt. She has been helping us since we first came to the city on a recce trip last August. Throughout the period we were busy packing up our life in Singapore, she was continuing our search out here and helping to send us articles and listings so we had updates on the market. Her knowledge of the market and the neighborhoods is certainly impressive, as is her ability to coordinate viewings on short notice!

When we finally arrived in November 2013, Gabrielle dedicated most of her time and energy to our hunt- and was relentless in her efforts to help us secure an offer. She has done more than what we would have imagined- including writing several offers to be submitted within 24hrs to meet the offer date. She has often taken initiative to speak with our mortgage consultants to clarify issues and offer us alternative solutions if any. She has been there with us when others had failed- sellers who had gone back on their word and mortgage officers who refused to be efficient.

Her dedication to service is sincere and we have seen her operate with nothing short of passion and professionalism. Having viewed more than fifty properties (yes, we’re fussy and difficult ans she didn’t cave!) over the last 5 months, we have encountered many different types of agents and brokers. Some may appear to be fantastic salespersons, but very few showed the X factor. Gabrielle is one of those few. We are proud and pleased to have had the opportunity to be her clients. She has shown us, in many circumstances, that she is everything she said she would be. And for that, we thank our lucky stars!

5 DavonFrasca

I have worked with Ms Dahms and she was very sincere and knowledgeable. She took the time to listen to my concerns and addressed each and every one of them making me felt listened to.

5 user12733791

Gabrielle was very helpful for me on buying a house. She provides valuable information about the properties, the areas, the potentials……

Gabrielle always thinks of client’s needs, acts like she is the buyer. I mean she always digs out more information about the house I was interested, actively in contact with the seller, and bargained for lower price whenever it was possible. You know the lower price the buyer pays, the less money she will get.

I am really impressed by her professionalism. Gabrielle is above and beyond all other agents I have worked with before. I highly recommend her.

5 investwzre0

Gabrielle is an outstanding real estate agent and very attentive to her clients’ needs. She is very easy to reach and quickly returns calls. When I dealt with Gabrielle, I also found her to be someone of great integrity. She is an expert in residential real estate in the Bay Area and a consummate professional in every way.

5 user5676299

I have known Gabrielle for over ten years and have always found her very skilled, professional and attentive to her client’s needs. I can refer her without hesitation. She is knowledgeable for real estate in the San Francisco Bay Area.

5 user19891942

Personable, experienced, knowledgable and professional. Gabrielle was able to answer all my questions when I needed expert real estate advise.. What else do you want from a Real Estate agent? I recommend Gabrielle! Contact her for uour next real estate transaction. She’s the best!

5 jmrios6

Gabrielle is a true professional! She is very knowledgeable in her field and a pleasure to work with. She is very patient and took her time showing me various properties while introducing me to the different neighborhoods of the city! Under no circumstance did I feel any pressure to buy!

I did not end up buying a property back then due to outside factors but when I am ready to buy again, I will be sure to call on Gabrielle!

5 user99479923

I had the pleasure to work with Gabrielle when I was looking for a new home in the East Bay. Her dedication to service, ability to negotiate on your behalf, and her talent to see the whole picture and don’t miss the details it’s remarkable. She would point at things that I would otherwise have missed! Buying a property it’s such an important decision, I needed someone like Gabrielle to be on my team. Meeting after meeting Gabrielle has demonstrated integrity, passion, knowledge and great insight. I highly recommend working with Gabrielle Dahms!

5 zuser20140507152244716

Gabrielle and I have worked together in the past in a different business and have reconnected recently. She has a fantastic attitude and is an expert in real estate, taking pride in her work with her customers and venders.

She knows San Francisco neighborhoods, the real estate market and is a great choice to help sell or buy a home.

I recommend that you give Gabrielle a call.

5 jmkhsp

Gabrielle Listens! What a great experience. She was very considerate of our time. We told her what we were looking for and she helped us find a great loan person who qualified us right away. We looked at several houses, all met our criteria perfectly, and when we found the right one Gabrielle moved immediately. Her quick action and extensive knowledge of the SF market were paramount in getting us a home with very little stress. We have friends who have made offers on multiple houses and are still trying to get a house. Gabrielle “took us by the hand” and walked us through the process. She made it look and feel easy.

Definitely recommend! Jason and Stacy

5 elomkk

Gabrielle was awesome !!!!!!!!!! I was a first home buyer in San Francisco and was a little overwhelmed with the process. Gabrielle’s extensive knowledge of the San Francisco real estate market ,her attention to detail, her flexibility and her dedication to me was incredible. I highly recommend Gabrielle to all .Once again I just want to say a big thank you Gabrielle, words can’t express my appreciation .

5 benjamin raffi

Gabrielle is the best! I’ve worked with many real estate agents in the past, and Gabrielle is by far the best I’ve worked with.

She is very organized, punctual, and smart. She knows the market and the city very well.

Would recommend to anyone.

5 abhikm

It was a pleasure to work with Gabrielle. She is very knowledgeable about real estate in the SF Bay Area and she guided us expertly through the whole process. She has excellent contacts that helped us through the inspection process. She gets to know her clients well and is thus able to present them very well. Gabrielle showed us many listings to get a better sense of what we were looking for in a home and thus helped us find our dream home.

5 user1944534

A real 5-Star agent. Earlier this year, 2013, I was planning a move from New York to San Francisco, but knew little about the changes and dynamics of my destination. Gabrielle was extremely helpful in finding the right property, in the right part of town, at the right price for me. Highly recommended!

5 zuser20140811232842374

It was wonderful working with Gabrielle. She is an expert on the San Francisco Bay Area real estate market and helped us find our first home. From coming up with the right bid to getting the inspections done to closing of escrow she was instrumental in guiding us through the process and making things happen on time and on schedule. In addition she is highly detail oriented and is very prompt with all the necessary documentation.

5 mfurano

Working with Gabrielle has been such a pleasure. She’s been patient, thoughtful, intuitive and incredibly knowledgable throughout our home search process. I absolutely recommend her as a wonderful agent!

5 bfredcoaching

Working in Relocation Management, it is wonderful to have Gabrielle as one of the realtors that we can rely on in the San Francisco area. She has helped several of our clients secure homes or educate potential transferees on the Bay Area housing market. Her expertise and professionalism has been an added value to our company.

5 theodoraswebsite

Gabrielle is a very professional highly qualified Realtor who has done a tremendous job in assisting us from start to finish in our real estate purchase. She’s also is such a pleasant person to work with and she’s excellent in following through with the implementation of the project until it is done. I give nothing but HIGH MARKS for this incredible lady and her expertise in her field which is truly a great value for everyone fortunate enough to have her in their corner.

5 user0824300

Gabrielle was excellent at helping guide me in buying a condo. Like most purchases in San Francisco, overbidding was involved and Gabrielle was very instrumental in helping me come up with the winning offer. The purchase was unusual in that the unit was in the process of being converted from a TIC to a condo. Consequently, closing took 4 months and it was difficult dealing with a bank for whom TICs were a mystery. All through this, Gabrielle was unstinting in her devotion to seeing this through. I recommend her highly.

5 PamelaEgan

Gabrielle managed the buyer’s broker very well. Before the broker could work up a head of steam about a point, Gabrielle would set expectations. That was important and it takes intelligence and experience. Gabrielle also knows the market. She accurately set the listing price and she accurately identified who was our prospective buyer. She marketed accordingly. Gabrielle knows the closing process very well; the paperwork didn’t throw her. She presents very well too. She’s a class act. She is honest and intelligent and it shows.

5 cuiw99

Gabrielle is wonderful and we are extremely happy that we had found her through a chance meeting. She was friendly and sincere. She was always responsive to our questions–she would respond by text or email right away to acknowledge our questions with a timeline when she will have the answer for us. Unlike some other agents that we had contact with, she is very good with boundary, did not bombard us with unnecessary phone calls about listings that we had obviously seen on sites such as Zillow and can go to the open houses ourselves. But whenever we had questions about certain properties, she was able to find the answers and offer us insights that websites cannot. This made a very efficient use of everyone’s time. She spent a lot of time explaining the whole process of the house buying to two first-time buyers. Gabrielle worked with us to find a house that fits us. She did not push us to make offers for the sake of an offer. Her assessment of the houses usually turned out to be accurate. So we were comfortable that when we finally made an offer, it was the right one. She was also very important during the closing process. There will always be delays and unforeseen complications. Through all of that, she was the one person that helped us to stay calm, kept the communications between the escrow office, lender and buyer open, and found solutions. Overall, we were very happy.

5 zuser20160407194034823

Gabrielle is awesome real estate agent! She know’s pretty much of everything about real estate business here in sf bay area. Were fortunate to have her as our agent.Very knowledgeable about houses we look at. We will highly recommend her to our family and friends.

5 paralegalrusso

I had a great time with gabrielle. Gabrielle was awesome got me a much larger place than i thought in a new neighborhood that i would never have thought of looking in. Well prepared. KNew the history, had all sorts of information at her finger tips was great during the inspections. All around great experience. Two thumbs up way up!!

5 triciachan

I have working with Gabrielle for several years in San Francisco to find my perfect home! During this time, she has been wonderful and I appreciate her attention to detail when searching for the best property to show me. She sends me comprehensive reports and always does her homework before we view an apartment. She also takes care of the legwork so I don’t have to. Thank you Gabrielle! Can’t wait to close on the perfect home 🙂

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